Purpose of the ACE Youth Forum

What is this all about?

The ACE Youth Forum is an initiative of the Presidency of the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) and YOUNGO (the official youth constituency to UN Climate Change), in partnership with the Government of Canada, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Climate Change.


Following COP23, held in Bonn, Germany in November 2017, Parties requested UN Climate Change to organize an in-session workshop at the May 2018 intersessionals (Bonn Climate Change Conference, 30 April – 11 May) involving inputs from stakeholders, including youth, to help shape actions relating to Article 12 of the Paris Agreement and its implementation.

The role of youths in this process cannot be avoided and is now crucial more than ever in shaping ACE and implementing its work programme to realizing the Paris Agreement. For this reason, the ACE Youth Forum 2018 (AYF 2018) is being convened in Bonn, Germany on 29 April 2018, just prior to the Bonn Climate Change Conference (the climate change negotiations of the 48th Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies) and the in-session ACE Workshop.

AYF 2018 is intended to provide a dedicated, informative and interactive space for youths in the lead up to the ACE Workshop, negotiations, dialogue and other Global Climate Action Agenda related events. The objective of the forum is two folded;

  1. Capacity-building
    • to effectively engage in ACE related negotiations
    • to develop creative and effective ACE-related climate actions
  2. Knowledge Sharing
    • to allow youths to share stories of their climate action experiences, best practices and lessons learned relating to the six elements of ACE 

The outputs of the ACE Youth Forum will be presented during the ACE Workshop and the negotiations at the Bonn Climate Change Conference.